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Denmark Current Weather


Denmark local weather (Copenhagen)

Typical of countries in the Northern hemisphere, the hottest period for experiencing summer weather in Denmark is from June to August. Don't expect the balmy, humid temperatures of southern Europe though.

Gentle Summer Days

While countries in the lower half of the continent such as Spain and Greece enjoy temperatures in the late twenties and early thirties, the weather in Denmark tends to be a lot milder during summer. Another plus is that there is barely a difference between temperatures during the day and night. The hottest month during summer is August when temperatures average around 17 ºC – the perfect environment for those seeking a respite from overly sunny climates.

Take a dip like the Danes

One pastime you'll enjoy during the summer months in Denmark is swimming in the warm waters along the Danish coastline. The Gulf Stream flowing in these seas provides a pleasant lukewarm sea temperature of 25 ºC in August in Denmark. Or, if you're brave, you can join the growing number of Danes choosing to take the plunge during the wintertime. Swimming enthusiasts have taken up this unusual hobby, immersing their bodies in the chilly winter seas before warming up in one of the nearby saunas.

A Traditional Winter in Denmark

The second half of the year is known as the season for chilly weather in Denmark. Visit this Scandinavian country between September and November and be prepared for cloudy days riddled with rain and wind. The west coast of the country receives the most rain during this period, with a yearly rainfall average of 61 cm. The capital city, Copenhagen, has 170 days of rain on average every year.

Winter officially sets in during December and while snow is rare, be prepared for trademark icy winds from the west. Days are also much shorter during this time. The sun comes up at about 8am and sets at 3:30pm in the afternoon. Winter spans until about March, with February recorded as the coldest month for weather in Denmark - think average daily temperatures of 0ºC.