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Whatever time of year you choose to visit Norway, you're in for a treat. Whether it's during the warm summer season or the frosty winter months, this Scandinavian haven promises an almost otherworldly beauty unlike any other country.

Summer in Norway Along the Coast

Summertime is a bright and luminous affair. The weather in Norway may be known as cold and chilly, but between late June and early August, the city transforms into a summer paradise, particularly the coastal regions which are influenced by the warm Gulf Stream. Expect long summer days under the Scandinavian sun with temperatures averaging between 25º and 30º C. To make the most of the warm weather in Norway, head over to the eastern part of the city, such as the southern mountains on the coast from Mandal to Oslo. Remember though that while the summer weather will generally be pleasant, it's not uncommon for one or two cold, rainy days to interrupt the sunshine.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

You may have heard about the famed midnight sun. This magical phenomenon can be experienced just north of the Arctic Circle from May until July every year. During this period, the warm Northern sun shines for 24 hours per day. The exact opposite happens in winter though, when the Northern areas can experience as long as a month without any sun.

The Golden Leaves of Autumn

Autumn falls during the month of September. Warm weather in Norway can still be enjoyed along the coast, such as the Oslofjord where temperatures are at the highest as well as the coast of Hordaland and Rogaland.

A Winter of Wonder

The coastal areas are known to enjoy fairly moderate winters, experiencing wet and windy days but generally mild temperatures. The northern and southern parts are where the weather in Norway gets its chilly reputation from. The regions of Trøndelag, Troms, Finnmark as well as Eastern Norway regularly experience temperatures below -40º C during the winter.

Springtime Scenery

Ask the locals when to visit Norway and the vast majority will most likely recommend that you come during the Spring. From May to the middle of June, the Norwegian landscape is at its most beautiful. The snow melts, waterfalls overflow and flowers bloom, not to mention the fragrant fruit trees which flower all along the Hardangerfjord. Remember though that during the Springtime, day and night temperatures differ greatly. Also, bear in mind that Spring is known as the windy season and temperatures can change from cold and rainy one day to warm and pleasant the next.