Slovakia in December

Slovakia weather in December is extremely cold with temperatures of (-2°) and 3° degrees, as result gloves and warm clothes are recommended.

Since there are on average 18 rainy days in Slovakia in December and chances for rain are high, it is recommended to take an umbrella with you.

Also, please note that there are good chances for snow in Slovakia in December. Average snowy days for December are 9 so prepare accordingly.

To get the accurate Slovakia weather in December 2019, check the Slovakia 14 days weather forecast just before December 2019 comes.

Either way, it is recommended to check the exact weather forecast for Slovakia before arriving, as the weather forecast becomes more accurate closer to the checked date.

Avg Temperatures
(-2°) - 3°
Avg Daily Rainfall
Avg Dry Days
13 days
Avg Rainy Days
18 days
Avg Snow Days
9 days

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