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The Many Facets of Holidaying in Sweden

There are many good reasons that Swedes are given five weeks off every year to go on vacation in Sweden. From dog sledding with huskies to pike fishing along the west coast, there is something to satisfy every traveller's needs in the heart of beautiful Scandinavia.

Summer like the Swedes

The wild, untouched beauty found along Sweden's west coast is truly a vision to behold. During the summer months from June to August, many Swedes opt to unwind in log cottages or sommarstuga along the many serene lakes in this area. The Bohuslän rocky coastline stretches 170km and includes the miniature Koster islands, many of them uninhabited. A big part of Swedish heritage is allemansrätten, or the freedom to roam. Why not make the most of your vacation in Sweden and hire a kayak or boat to explore this beautiful area on your own?

As you wander through the countryside, you'll most likely come across many loppis, or fleamarkets. This typically Swedish institution can offer everything from valuable items to complete nonsense. Be sure to sample some of the regional delicacies – lobster, oysters and salmon are local favourites. Think twice if offered surströmming though. The locals are known to get a giggle out of seeing tourists try their pungent sour herring. As you move further south, you'll reach the town of Gothenburg, similar in appearance to Amsterdam, complete with winding canals and cobbled walkways. Here you will find the impressive Gustav Adolf Square, named in honour of Sweden's founding father.

Living It Up in Lapland

For a winter vacation in Sweden to rival the rest of Europe, this country pulls out all the stops. Whether you're keen on skiing during Christmastime or well into Easter, you'll find knee-deep snow throughout the long winter season. Choose between 200 world-class ski resorts, from the well-known Åre village in the centre of Sweden to the slopes of the famous Swedish Lapland. The latter resort provides an added attraction – guided safaris to view the Swedish “Big Six”. Unlike in Africa, Sweden's indigenous animals include wolverines, brown bears, musk oxen, wolves, lynxes and moose. Another unmissable experience is going on a day-long dog-sledding tour of the Swedish wilderness led by a pack of Siberian Huskies.

Beware though, the average winter temperature here is a chilly -10ºC. To stave off the chill, how about a steaming cup of fika, or coffee in Swedish? No adventure vacation in Sweden will be complete without an authentically Swedish barbecue. Reindeer meat, anyone?

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