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United States different Time Zones

The United States constitutes of 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska. USA is the world's third largest country. Because of its vastness, it is divided into 9 time zones, out of which 4 are contiguous, two are beyond the bordering states, and three zones are outside the states. In order to understand how the time zones work, it is essential to know that the Coordinated Universal Time or UTC is neither a local time zone nor a country, it is a concept.

Therefore, the USA Eastern Time zone will be UTC-5 because it is on the western side of the GMT or the Greenwich Mean Time in UK. In other words if the current time in the GMT zone is 7 pm, the clock at the Eastern time zone in USA will be 2 pm, - 5 hours (UTC-5).

The Secretary of Transportation with the coordination of all states in USA had established the time zones. They are defined with a federal law. The daylight saving time is observed in most of the time zones and states. The daylight saving time is 1 hour plus to the UTC.

Below are listed the USA Time Zones, defined by the USA law, 9 time zones. However, the most frequent and used ones are the Eastern Time Zone (Zone R), Central Time Zone(Zone S), Mountain Time Zone (Zone T), and Pacific Time Zone (Zone U).

Atlantic Time Zone - (UTC -04:00) or Zone Q is outside the United States and it covers the Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

Eastern Time Zone - (UTC -05:00) is the largest time zone in USA as it constitutes of 17 states and 6 parts of states including couple of communities in Alabama, Delaware, West Virginia, South Carolina, Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Tennessee, Upper Michigan communities, Virginia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, Vermont, west Florida, six communities in Indiana and Rhode Islands. New York and the Washington DC belong to this time zone.

Central Time Zone - (UTC -60:00) is the second largest zone in USA and is covers the states of Alabama, Illinois, Southwestern and Northwester Indiana, Western Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, Kansas, Western Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan. Oklahoma, Eastern Nebraska, North Dakota, Eastern part of South Dakota, Western Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

Mountain Time Zone - (UTC -07:00) is mainly located in the area where the Rocky Mountains are including Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming part of Kansas, Southern Idaho, Western Nebraska, Western Nevada, Montana, Utah, Western part of North Dakota, Oregon, New Mexico, Western Texas and westernmost part of Oklahoma.

Pacific Time Zone - (UTC -08:00) covers the eastern part of the United States with Los Angeles being the largest town in that time zone. The states that are located in this time zone are Washington, California, Nevada, Oregon and Northern Idaho.

Alaska Time Zone - (UTC -09:00) is also known as the zone V. It covers most of the Alaska area including Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks.

Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone - (UTC -10:00) covers Hawaii and the Aleutian Islands including the towns of Honolulu, Hilo, Kahalui, Kailua-Kona and Kapaa. Daylight Saving time does not apply to this time zone.

Chamorro Time Zone - (UTC +10:00) or Zone K covers the area of Northern Mariana Island and Guam. This is the only time zone which is plus hours to the UTC from all the 9 listed time zones.

Samoa Time Zone - (UTC -11:00) is a zone outside the bordering states on the Unites States land and it compromises of American Samoa and Midway Islands. It is also known as Zone X.

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